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Extend the life of your game.

UserWise is a player experience management platform that delivers content to the right players in the blink of an eye.

How can UserWise help your mobile game?


Games have changed. Your players expect new, personalized content delivered to them.

But for some reason, delivering these personalized experiences is hard.

Until now.

UserWise is the first player experience management platform that allows you to easily update events, build offers, target your players, and measure the results.

All delivered over the air. No coding. No updates.

But let us show you how.


It all starts with a plan.

Easily create events, update them and prepare for the future.



UserWise equips you with a powerful offer builder. So you can make your events actionable.

“If you’re looking to manage offers, events and other liveops in your game, UserWise is a MUST HAVE”
Javier Barnes, Pixel Noire


Personalization is key. Find the perfect players in only a few clicks.

Find them, and deliver exactly what they need.



See the results from your campaigns, and make adjustments to improve your ROI.


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