The power to operate all of your liveops from one place.

One centralized platform to manage every stage of the player journey. Now you can segment your players, schedule campaigns, and view the results all-in-one place.

player segmentation
Create player segments

Build segmentation lists through advanced filtering tools

Deliver individualized experiences to your players

Save time by reusing segmentation lists over and over.

visual campaign builder
Build and test campaigns

Build campaigns in blazing fast speed using prebuilt components

A/B test any part of your campaign to see what performs best

Deliver your campaigns to your saved player segments

plan and prepare
Plan all of your liveops

Group your campaigns by type so you can stay organized

Reschedule your campaigns in a few simple clicks

See what’s happening today, this week, and next month

flexibility and customization
Customize everything

Infinite flexibility and customization limited only by your imagination.

Custom build features that are unique to your game.

Built for developers by developers.

The future of mobile game liveops

Save time building campaigns using pre-built components your players crave at every stage of the player journey.

Build complex campaigns
Send segmented surveys
Use and save templates
A/B test anything
Product overview
what people are saying

It’s the player experience management platform we’ve been looking for.”

Justin Beck
CEO, PerBlue

Simply the fastest, most versatile tool in the market to run liveops."

Javier Barnes
Lead GD, King

The power of personalization


of players will only engage with personalized messages sent to them.


players will only buy when  offers are in their native language.


of players prefer personalization based on past interactions.

Limited only by imagination

Our frameworks give you infinite flexibility and customization limited only by your developers imagination.

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