Enhance every player's journey.

UserWise is a player experience management platform that delivers content to the right players in the blink of an eye.

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So easy you’ll actually love doing it.

Whether you want to boost retention, increase revenue, streamline your process, or build irresistible offers — UserWise offers a complete player engagement platform with all the tools you need to retain and grow your player base.

No more spreadsheets.
No more designs.
No more app updates.
LiveOps with UserWise 


Build custom offers and even surveys with ease.

Every action over-the-air with zero development effort needed. Simply add your art assets, choose your segment and watch players engage with the content they love.

  • Easily drag and drop your assets to build custom offers
  • Create your offers in minutes.

View the performance of
every campaign.

View results from your campaigns and surveys at the user level. Break out results by region, demographics, and more. You don't just see reports based on groups, you can gather specific sentiment of player types as you drill down into your data.

  • View key metrics like conversions and revenue in a glance.
  • Filter reports by audience segment like region, demographics, and more.
  • View results from your campaigns and surveys at the user level.

Create segments of your players.

Create segments of your users based on behaviors or certain properties to separate your whale users and new users.

  • Create segments by properties and events or both.
  • Save segments to send targeted offers and surveys.