More personal. Less effort.

Create hyper-personalized experiences by segmenting players with shared traits.

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Find the right players

Best-in-class segmentation tools to find the right players.

Deliver individualized experiences to your players

Find your players

Drive more sales with mobile game offers that resonate with your players.

Save segments

Save your segments to reuse over and over again in your campaigns.

Personalize everything

Send personalized campaigns to your players to keep them engaged.

Use segments. Over and over.

Save segment lists that will auto update as new players meet saved criteria.

Build segmentation lists through advanced filtering tools

Deliver individualized experiences to your players

Save time by reusing segmentation lists over and over.

Personalize your campaigns

Choose which segments receive your offers, events, and other campaign pieces.

Unleash the power of personalization.

Target players based on shared traits

Filter players based on data you’ve collected, like location or language.

Turn player actions into personalization

Build more precise segments and increase relevancy when you layer on player behavior data as segmentation criteria.

Understand your different player types

Save the segments and use them to send surveys. Simply build a survey and choose your saved survey to reach out to those unique players.

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