Never go live with errors.

UserWise provides the tools you need to find bugs before you go live.

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Professional grade testing

All the tools you need to submit bug tickets and assign testing environments to your team.

Now you can stop stressing about errors

Squash bugs

Seamlessly pass bug reports back to the QA and Development to resolve issues before you go live.


Create as many campaigns as you wish without affecting the your live environment.

API power

Use the API to connect as many testing servers as you need to the QA/Testing environment.

Find bugs with environments.

Use environments to test out the configuration for errors and test it against the development builds of your game.

Seamless testing and reporting

Open tickets for discovered bugs

Pass things back and forth between your QA and Production teams

Was that $1.00 or $10.00?

Stop deploying errors that can drop your revenue and upset your best players.

Make changes without introducing bugs

Easily switch between workspaces

Environments are workspaces that allow teams to make changes to liveops campaigns without introducing bugs or breaking anything in the live game.

Bug ticketing system

Find a bug or error? Submit a ticket, note the severity and pass it back to your QA team to resolve before it goes live.

The whole team in control

Know when it’s safe to go live. Your team can mark things as ready to go live in the campaign dashboard.

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