Trade in your spreadsheets.

Trade in your spreadsheets for a calendar designed exclusively for liveops campaigns.

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Plan your content

Stay organized with an easy to use calendar that puts you in control.

Organize your campaigns and plan your success.

Powerful search tools

Find your campaigns by searching your calendar by keyword and filtering by status.

Filter by segments

Find out which players are getting the most of your attention. Drill down to see who’s receiving what.

Add any category

Stay flexible by adding your own categories and color coding them to match your organization style.

Never miss
a beat.

See what campaigns are currently running, what’s coming next, and identify missed opportunities.

Set up campaigns in seconds

Find content gaps and add campaigns

Click on your campaign to see what pieces make up its success.

Take control of your content.

Boost your team’s alignment, efficiency, and productivity with a commanding view of your campaigns.

Bring your team together in
one place.

Stay coordinated

Organize your campaigns into categories, color code them, and toggle which ones you need to see - and which ones you don’t.


Add notes to the calendar to track changes to your game and see how it impacts performance.

Start and stop at just the right time.

Choose when your event starts and ends, giving you complete control of the event’s lifecycle.

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