Stop guessing.
Start testing.

Take the guesswork out of creating campaigns with A/B testing.

Request a demo

Deploy winning experiences.

Continuously deploy experiments to understand what performs best.

Launch new experiments in minutes

No experience required

Both non-technical and technical users can design and launch new experiments quickly.

Test the whole alphabet

Now you can run powerful A/B, multi-variate, split tests and turn your players into payers.

No limits

Test anything you’d like. We give you ultimate flexibility to be creative with your tests.

Experiment in the blink of an eye.

Uncover player insights and create high-performing experiences in the blink of an eye.

Test any of the components within your campaign

Create as many variants as you see fit

Choose what to test and who receives it

See what works best

UserWise takes the guesswork out of creating campaigns your players love.

Learn and improve from one campaign to the next.

No statistics degree required

UserWise makes it easy for you to test what you want to test. Simply select how many tests you want to run, name them, and fill out the variations.

Beautifully visualized for your team

The visual builder allows you to see exactly where you need to test things and which parts of your campaigns are already being tested.

Test any component you’d like

You have ultimate control of what you can test. You can test images, segments, messages, text, timing

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