The retention powerhouse.

UserWise lets you build any liveops campaign you can imagine with an arsenal of retention tools.

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Deliver the perfect experience.

Manage events, offers, push notifications and more. All built around player personalization.

What makes UserWise different? Power. Speed. Flexibility.

10x your processes
API or SDK integration
Built uniquely for games
Customizable to any game

One centralized platform for every stage of the player journey. Now you can understand your players better, personalize their experiences quicker, and keep them playing longer.

Powered by an all-in-one liveops platform that works harder - so you don’t have to.

Game studios love UserWise

“It’s the liveops engine we’ve been looking for."
Justin Beck
CEO, PerBlue
“Simply the fastest, most versatile tool in the market to run liveops.”
Javier Barnes
F2P Game Specialist
Save player segments.

Automated player segmentation lets you separate your players into segments and personalize every aspect of their journey.

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Build campaigns in minutes.

Use the visual campaign builder to easily build campaigns. Choose from a variety of prebuilt components such as events, battle passes, offers, messages, push notifications and more.

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Stay organized.

See what campaigns are currently running, what’s coming next, and identify missed opportunities.

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A/B test everything.

Take the guesswork out of creating campaigns your players love with A/B testing to see what performs best.

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Never go live with errors.

Never go live with errors again. UserWise provides the tools you need to find bugs before you go live.

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