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Introducing UserWise - the world’s first player experience management platform that gives you the power to operate your mobile game liveops all-in-one place.

userwise can help you with:

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Segment your players with precision

Find your perfect players and deliver individualized experiences that drive higher ROI.

Build segmentation lists through advanced filtering tools

Deliver individualized experiences to your players

Save time by reusing segmentation lists over and over

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Build, deliver, and test campaigns

Use the visual builder to create liveops campaigns to nurture and engage your player base.

Build campaigns in blazing fast speed using prebuilt components

A/B test any part of your campaign to see what performs best

Deliver your campaigns to your saved player segments

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Take command of your planning

See what campaigns are currently running, what’s coming next, and identify missed opportunities.

Group your campaigns by type so you can stay organized

Reschedule your campaigns in a few simple clicks

See what’s happening today, this week, and next month

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Run all of your game liveops from one place.


Deliver personalized offers to your players without writing code.


Get players back to your game with highly visible notifications.

a/b testing

Test your campaign components to see what drives the best results.


Understand exactly what your players want based on their feedback.

battle passes

Boost monetization with well-crafted, easy-to-construct battle passes.


Run events and easily schedule when they start and stop.

UserWise is the player experience management platform I’ve been looking for - our teams use it both to launch new games as well as manage existing ones.”
Justin Beck
CEO, PerBlue

Keeping your players around is hard.
But UserWise makes it easy.

UserWise is powered by next-level personalization, allowing you to deliver in-game content and fresh experiences your players expect.

Save time building campaigns using pre-built components your players love.
Save time building campaigns using pre-built components your players love.
Save time building campaigns using pre-built components your players love.
Save time building campaigns using pre-built components your players love.
Built on personalization
Personalize their gameplay. Find the right players in just a few clicks.

Create personalized experiences by saving player segments and delivering the right offers, events, and messages at the right times.

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Save segments

Create and save segments for use in your campaigns.

Auto update

Players are continuously added to your segments.

Active users

Display 7 and 30 day active users to improve FTUE.

easy to create campaigns
Build complex campaigns in a few clicks. And A/B test them.

Easily build events, battle passes, offers, messages, push notifications and more in just a few clicks.

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Campaign builder

Use the visual builder for creating complex liveops campaigns.

A / B testing

Experiment and test any piece of your campaign to see what performs best.

Follow ups

Build automated follow ups to reduce churn and reengage.

Plan for today, tomorrow, next year
Bye-bye spreadsheets. Hello calendar designed for mobile game liveops.

The UserWise calendar is packed with advanced features to help you organize your campaigns, explore new options, and plan for success.

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Gantt view

Visual view of your campaigns over time.

Live timeline

See what’s happening now, tomorrow, and next week.

Easy edits

Make big edits to your campaigns with just a few clicks.

The complete liveops platform you never knew was possible. Now, at your fingertips.
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We believe we’re in the most hands-on, personal era of gaming there’s ever been.

The era where games have the power to excite, engage, and sustain players on an individual level for years. But for some reason, delivering these kind of experiences is hard.

That’s why we built UserWise. UserWise allows you to easily update events, build offers, target the right players, and measure the results. All from one place.

We want to help you retain your players and skyrocket your LTV. We wnat to make you lives easier, and partner with you to help your game be the one your players go to time and time again. We’d love for you to give UserWise a try and see the difference we can make.

We believe liveops is the future of successful games.

Will you join us?


Tom Hammond, CEO - Adam Perkins, CTO - Garik Goldsheyd, COO

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