Game Economy Designer

Game Economy Designer

The Role of a Game Economy Designer

A game economist is someone who optimizes the in-game economy of a video game. This includes managing the game's virtual currency, items, and other resources. They work with the game developers to ensure that the game is balanced and fun for players.

Game economists usually have a background in economics, mathematics, or another field that involves a lot of data analysis. They use their skills to determine how players will interact with the game and its economy. This allows them to make recommendations on how to improve the game.

What Does a Game Economist Do?

A game economist's job is to create and maintain a healthy in-game economy. This includes setting prices for in-game items, designing new economic systems, and monitoring player behavior. They work with game developers to ensure that the game is fair and fun for players.

A large part of a game economist's job is data analysis. They use statistical methods to examine player behavior and predict how they will react to changes in the game. This information is used to make recommendations on how to improve the game. For example, a game economist might recommend changing the price of an in-game item based on how often it is purchased by players.

Game economists also design new economic systems for games. This can involve anything from creating a new virtual currency to designing an auction system for in-game items. Their goal is to create an economic system that is balanced and fun for players.


Game economists play an important role in the development of video games. They use their skills in data analysis and economics to create balanced and fun games for players. If you're interested in video games and want to help create them, then you should consider becoming a game economist!

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